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  • The Making of a Chapbook Two-Day Workshop, March 23 & 30

    Please join us for “The Making of a Chapbook”, a two-day workshop on consecutive Saturdays, March 23rd & 30th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    On Day 1, participants will design, set up and print a sheet containing four pages of short poems or sayings using hot metal type cast on the Ludlow and printing cuts from the Museum’s collection, if desired. On Day 2, the pages will be folded and collated, then sewn into a chapbook using a furnished cover. All materials will be provided. Each student will make five to six copies of their chapbook.

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  • Calendar 2019


    March 2
    Hot Metal Day on the Linotype
    March 9 & 16
    Workshop – Linoleum Block Carving and Printing (2 Day)
    March 23 & 30
    Workshop – The Making of a Chapbook (2 Day)

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  • Museum of Printing Workshops in 2019

    The Making of a Chapbook

    Saturdays, March 23rd & 30th (2-Day), 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    On Day 1, participants will design, set up and print a sheet containing four pages of short poems or sayings using hot metal type cast on the Ludlow and printing cuts, if desired, from the Museum’s collection. On Day 2, the pages will be folded and collated, then sewn into a chapbook using a furnished cover. All materials will be provided. Each participant will make five to six copies of their book. Prerequisite: Basic Letterpress Printing or similar.

    Instructors: Billy Soucy & Craig Busteed  |  Fee: Members $145, Non-Members $175

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    Poster Printing with Wood Type

    Saturdays, April 27th & May 4th (2-Day), 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Over the two-day course, participants will design and compose a two-color poster utilizing the Museum’s wood and metal type and printing cuts. After proofing and correcting forms as necessary, students will print a half-dozen of their posters on one of the Museum’s letterpresses. Prerequisite: Basic Letterpress Printing or similar.

    Instructor: Craig Busteed & Billy Soucy  |  Fee: Members $145, Non-Members $175

    6 student class  |  Register now >

    Letterpress Printing on Fabric

    Saturday, June 22nd, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    This one-day workshop covers a broad range of materials and techniques for letterpress printing on fabric. Varieties and behaviors of inks will be discussed, along with various impression techniques: the barren, the hammer, body-weight, roller press, sleigh press, hand press and others. Working in color and registration will also be reviewed. Students will print their own work on flour-sack towels (provided). Any participants who practice linoleum block cutting are urged to bring some of their designs for printing.

    Instructor: Mitch Ahern  |  Fee: Members $105, Non-Members $125

    8 student class  |  Register now >

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  • Northeastern’s Huskiana Press

    One of the cool things we do at the Museum of Printing is set up letterpress studios for colleges and universities.

    On January 19 we delivered a beautiful Golding Pearl #14 along with a truckload of essentials to Northeastern University in Boston. More specifically, it’s all going to the new Huskiana Press in the English Department under the guidance of Associate Professor Ryan Cordell.

    Golding Pearl #14

    Here’s a video of their setup >

    Another letterpress adventure begins. . . .

  • Letterpress gifts large and small in our gift shop abound!

    Letterpress gifts large and small, we’ve got ’em!

    desktop presses

    • Tabletop presses
    • Books
    • Type & handy boxes
    • Borders & ornaments
    • Cuts, quoins, furniture, tools

    How about the whole kit-and-caboodle? We can put together a printing kit for you — everything that you or a special someone needs to start printing.

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  • The Inland Printer: A Selection of Historic Covers

    If you follow the Museum of Printing on social media, then you know we’re smitten with The Inland Printer, the first American trade magazine for the printing industry dating back to 1883. So smitten, in fact, that we have compiled a 274 page book of some of our favorite covers!

    Just back from the binders (thank you Superior Packaging!), the publication is titled The Inland Printer: A Selection of Historic Covers, with an introduction by Museum President and Professor Emeritus, Frank Romano. All covers are pictured in full color and arranged chronologically. The softcover book measures 5½″ × 8½″.

    Featured are many important artists and designers who contributed to the magazine, including early creations by young American illustrator and artist William H. Bradley, whose work marked the beginnings of Art Nouveau in graphic design.

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  • The Museum of Printing in the Movies

    “At the end of 2016, we got a call from the 20th Century Fox property department in regards to a movie about newspaper printing in 1971,” MoP President Frank Romano said. “At that time (1971) they were still using a Linotype machine to set a line of type in metal.”

    Frank Romano displays an historic front page from The Washington Post

    The Museum of Printing had just what was needed to depict the composing rooms of 1971.

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  • Anna Hogan: A Life Etched in Art

    The Museum of Printing is sad to note the passing of Anna Hogan, esteemed wood engraver and friend, who died peacefully on December 17, 2017, just a few weeks after her 96th birthday. A local artist, Anna gained national recognition through the Wood Engravers’ Network and our museum.

    Our art gallery showcases a permanent display of Anna’s work. Her talent and skill awe visitors. It was almost a decade ago when she walked through our front door with armloads of engravings, having generously decided to donate her life’s work to the Museum. We are honored to hold this important collection and showcase it for all to enjoy.

    Anna Hogan wood engraving, titled "From the Lookout" on this print, "View from the Highway" on her block

    Anna’s art reflects her many interests. When she wasn’t teaching art at Stratford High School in Connecticut, she enjoyed traveling the New England countryside and the world, from Japan to Mexico. Every December, she created a new holiday card for family and friends. In the summer of 2013, she participated in the Wood Engravers’ Network weeklong Workshop at the Museum of Printing where she reconnected with old friends and made many new ones. In the autumn of 2013 WEN organizer, Jim Horton, wrote in Block & Burin “One of the best parts of the museum was an exhibition of Anna Hogan. Anna is a famed printmaker, now in her nineties, who lives in Andover. She actually attended the Workshop, called herself a student, and yet she could teach us all. As many WEN members know, her prints are precious jewels . . . as is she. A warm, sincere person and absolutely on top of everything.”

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  • Tour the Museum with Frank

    A very quick view of the great stuff you’ll find at the Museum. Put your running shoes on!

    Frank Romano tours the Museum

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  • Hidden Treasures for Sale

    The Museum’s last letterpress sale of the year is now past. But there are still some items that we have found in the attic. You will have to pick the item up at the Museum, but some of these items may appeal to you. And you can then visit our beautiful store with great gifts for someone you love.

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  • QWERTY Festival, Saturday, August 11

    Celebrate the typewriter at the QWERTY Festival, Saturday, August 11, from 10am to 4pm. The event is FREE and open to the public.

    On display will be one of the FIRST typewriters ever made, the 1874 Sholes and Glidden, and the SMALLEST typewriter ever made! More than fifty unique and interesting antique typewriters will be on exhibit.

    The day will include lectures and a showing of the film California Typewriter.

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  • This giving season help preserve the legacy of Gutenberg and the graphic arts

    Johannes Gutenberg created moveable type 573 years ago, a miraculous invention that paved the way for printing as we know it today.

    We commemorate Gutenberg’s achievement with an exclusive pop-up card produced for the Museum of Printing by acclaimed designer, Julie Brumlik. This beautiful 8″ × 8″ custom-made card is our gift to you with a donation of $50 or more.

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  • “Ansel Adams, Environmentalist and Photographer”: A Slide Lecture by Lance Hidy

    Saturday, November 3, 2018

    Free and open to the public

    Lance Hidy lecture on Ansel Adams

    Photographer Ansel Adams (1902–1984) devoted his life to sharing the transformative power of wilderness through his art, and to leading the environmental movement. Speaker Lance Hidy was chosen by Adams to collaborate on the final book of his career, Yosemite and the Range of Light (1979). Hidy continues to design the official Ansel Adams books for the Ansel Adams Trust and publisher Little, Brown & Company. Through his first-hand experience, Hidy brings a personal perspective to the Ansel Adams story.

    In his lifetime Adams shot over 40,000 photographs; he produced several dozen books that have sold over a million copies; he cofounded the first museum department of photography at the Museum of Modern Art; and, for nearly 40 years he was a leader in the Sierra Club. The lecture is enlivened by quotes from Adams’ autobiography, and by dozens of his finest photographs.

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  • Letterpress Printing on Fabric Workshop with Mitchel Ahern

    Saturday, October 27th, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    This one-day workshop covers a broad range of materials and techniques for letterpress printing on fabric. Varieties and behaviors of inks will be discussed along with various impression techniques: the barren, the hammer, body-weight, roller press, sleigh press, hand press and others. Working in color and registration will also be reviewed. Students will print their own work on flour-sack dish towels (provided). Any participants who practice linoleum block cutting are urged to bring some of their designs for printing.

    Instructor Mitchel Ahern has relief printed on fabric for forty years and exhibited (and performed) his print works at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Figment festivals, the Lowell Folk Festival and many area galleries and performance venues. He will bring many examples of his own letterpress on fabric work, including dishtowels, canvases, and both horizontal and vertical large-format scrolls.

    The workshop has been filled.

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  • David R. Godine Tells All

    David Godine lecture at the Museum of Printing 4-21-18

    Join us at a lecture by none other than David R. Godine, Paragon of Publishers, who is prepared to reveal tales of a misspent youth, dissolute middle age & curmudgeonly dotage and much more at The Museum of Printing. Please RSVP ASAP, as space is limited. April 21, 2018, 1:00–2:30pm.

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  • Printing Arts Fair – Saturday, September 22, 2018

    Buy a $5 RAFFLE TICKET (or 5 tickets for $20) for a chance to win a KELSEY 3×5 PRINTING OUTFIT at our Printing Arts Fair on Saturday, September 22, 2018!!!

    Printing Arts Fair

    Have you been wanting to try letterpress printing? Are you ready for a small press or want to add to your collection? Would this make a great gift for a maker friend or relative? Then, hey, take a chance and buy a ticket — or two, or lots! Join us for a FREE and FUN day of printing, demonstrations, keepsakes, and shopping, which is being held in conjunction with the Smithsonian’s Museum Day Live! See all the details on the Fair poster.

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  • “Type Vault” at Museum of Printing archives Linotype type drawings collection — over 400,000 sheets

    Use Helvetica or Times Roman? How about Palatino or Optima? They began life as a drawing for every glyph in a font of Linotype hot metal type. Later they were converted to phototypesetting and then to digital type. They also formed the basis for other typesetting machines and fonts from competitors who “borrowed” the designs.

    This precious archive has been in the possession of the Museum of Printing in Haverhill, Mass. for over two decades. Researchers from all over the world have analyzed the large drawings for clues in the evolution of fonts by Dwiggins, Zapf, and many others.

    The Museum has broken ground for an environmentally secure archive for this priceless colllection. Within the next two months, the collection will be transferred to air-tight containers from their original boxes into a state-of-the-art facility.

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  • Gift Certificates Now Available

    gift certificate

    Gift certificates are now available for the Museum of Printing for use in the Museum Store, toward workshops or membership and as admission to paid events.

    Purchases may be made at the Museum with cash, credit card or check, or via mail. To purchase by mail send a check to our business office at

    Museum of Printing
    POB 5580
    Beverly, MA 01915

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  • Anna Hogan Celebration: A Life Engraved in Art

    Saturday, December 8, 2018

    Anna Hogan: "El Amigo de los Niños"

    An ‘Anna Hogan Celebration: A Life Engraved in Art’ — showcased her beautiful woodcuts and wood engravings. We included early, published, and rarely seen work, plus engravings selected for the Wood Engravers’ Network Second and Third Triennial Exhibits. Prints and cards of many of Anna’s images were available for purchase and may be found in our gift shop. The Museum of Printing has an extensive collection and permanent exhibit of the wood engravings of Anna Hogan (1921–2017).

    Anna Hogan: "Night Light"

    We displayed wood engravings of her prints Night Light and El Amigo de los Niños, selected for the Wood Engravers’ Network Triennial Exhibition 2014–2016 (images from the exhibit catalog shown here). The Exhibition was juried by Smithsonian curator Joan Boudreau, who commented, “Anna Hogan’s wood engraving offerings use different line styles, composition, and subject matter. Her El Amigo de los Niños is a coarse-lined engraving reminiscent of a wood cut. Its subject matter shows a quiet street scene with a path through the neighborhood of [a Central or South American town]; a gem. Hogan’s Night Light has been prepared with fine lines to impress us with the ephemeral quality of the scene. The trees have prepared their own campfire and are consulting amongst themselves with their own stunning magic.”

  • “Making Orders: Dwiggins and the Paper Mills, 1912–1936”: A Lecture by Bruce Kennett

    Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.

    W. A. Dwiggins (1880–1956) spent the latter decades of his life designing printing types, making books, and creating puppets and plays for his private marionette theater. However, in an earlier period of about twenty-five years, he produced a substantial body of work for a long list of paper mills and merchants, most of which were located in the Northeast. These advertisements and sample books exhibited Dwiggins’s manifold skills as a calligrapher, illustrator, colorist, maker of patterns, and writer. He was not only one of the first writers to use the term “graphic design” — he was also a pioneer in drawing what we now call infographics. But there’s another important aspect of the work: Always a teacher at heart, WAD saw these pieces as a means of guiding printers and designers toward best practices in printing illustrations and using color in unexpected ways.

    WAD and the Paper Mills, 1912-1936

    Bruce will present to us a broad selection of Dwiggins’s projects from this fertile quarter-century, drawing from the Museum of Printing’s own holdings, from the Boston Public Library, from his own private collection, and from the archives of S. D. Warren and Strathmore, McGill University, and Letterform Archive. PLEASE JOIN US ON OCTOBER 13th for a rollicking journey across this multi-colored landscape.

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  • John Kristensen Lecture: “Merrymount Press and the Janson Type”

    Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

    We cordially invite you to attend a lecture by John Kristensen of Firefly Press.

    John, who calls himself “the world’s last D. B. Updike wannabe,” will speak about Merrymount Press and the Janson Type.

    Admission is free.

    Boston’s Merrymount Press was the foremost American scholarly printing office of the first half of the twentieth century, and its proprietor, Daniel Berkeley Updike, was a scholar and historian as well as an impeccable printer. The masterpiece of the Press was undoubtedly the magisterial authorized revision of The Book of Common Prayer of 1928, considered by many to be the greatest American typographic achievement of the century. Updike chose a seventeenth-century typeface, then attributed (mistakenly) to Anton Janson. The type was then newly available from a German type foundry, cast from original matrices, but Updike chose instead to duplicate — essentially pirate — the type for his Prayerbook. The acclaim that greeted the book’s publication led to a wider revival of the Janson type, which has ever since remained a highly regarded classical book type.

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  • Bodoni the person, his fonts, his times: A lecture by Valerie Lester

    Valerie LesterValerie Lester presented a lecture on Giambattista Bodoni, the great Italian type designer and printer, on Saturday, June 17, 2017.

    Valerie Lester’s biography on Bodoni is the first in English and has received rave reviews. Scholarly — but eminently readable — the book is itself an example of the beautiful printing and exceptional design for which Bodoni was celebrated. Ms. Lester is an independent scholar and translator and her presentations are highly regarded.

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  • Paul Shaw: W. A. Dwiggins in his time

    On May 13, 2017 calligrapher, type designer and design historian Paul Shaw gave a fascinating talk on the American graphic artist W. A. Dwiggins. Active in the first half of the 20th century, Dwiggins was a master calligrapher, book designer, type designer, marionettist, writer, and creative spirit, in an unceasing flow of artistic production.

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  • Letterpress Examples Wanted!

    Wanted! Letterpress ExamplesThe Museum of Printing in Haverhill, MA is expanding our library of works by amateur letterpress printers — publications, printed pieces, examples, samples and photographs of older printing establishments and private presses. Our new location provides us with secure, environmentally friendly storage.

    We know we need publications and information by APA, APHA, ATF, AAPA, NAPA, Treasure Gems, It’s a Small World, Guy Botterill, Type and Press, The Printer Newspaper. We have examples of some of these but are trying to complete our collections. What have we missed? We do not know, so please bring us up-to-date with information on, by or about other letterpress and type organizations. We’re also interested in examples of embossing, debossing, thermography, die-cutting, etc.

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  • Watch the Haverhill Journal’s video on our new home

    The Haverhill Journal’s Lindsay Paris takes us on a tour of the new museum and speaks with executives Frank Romano and Kim Pickard.

    Our segment starts 5:16 minutes into the broadcast. >

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  • Museum of Printing Long-Time Board Member Louis Rosenblum Passes

    Lou RosenblumLouis ‘Lou’ Rosenblum died peacefully at his home in Belmont, Massachusetts on September 22, 2016. He was born in New York City in 1921 to Isadore and Bessie Rosenblum. The middle of three children, he graduated from Yonkers High School and matriculated at MIT in 1938 where he majored in Applied Math. At MIT he had the good fortune to study under Professor Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton on photography and strobe lights. ‘Doc’ worked at the intersection of engineering and art, and projects combining engineering and art became the motif of Lou’s career.

    Lou graduated MIT in 1942 and joined Polaroid to work on war-related engineering projects. Later his Polaroid career included development of Edwin Land’s iconic invention of instant photography. In 1954, he moved to Photon where he worked on early photocomposition systems, the first of many leading-edge printing-related projects that occupied the next forty years. It was during this time he first became interested in the challenges of typesetting non-Latin-based languages such as Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Hindi.

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  • Our Grand Opening: September 10, 2016

    After a long and arduous move, the Museum of Printing opened on Saturday, September 10th. The Museum was open on Sunday, the 11th, and the entire week that followed, from 10am to 3pm every day.

    To celebrate this momentous event, admission was free for all.

    Type Sales were scheduled for September 24 and November 19, but our store has been greatly expanded and is open every Saturday, 10am to 3pm.

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  • Matthew Carter gave the 2016 Lieberman lecture: “Genuine imitations: a type designer’s view of revivals”

    Matthew CarterThe American Printing History Association (APHA) and Museum of Printing presented a free lecture by famed type designer Mathew Carter, “Genuine Imitations: A Type Designer’s View of Revivals,” at the Museum of Printing, Saturday, December 3 at 2:00 p.m. | View and download a flyer >

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  • A Printmaker’s Progress

    On Friday, November 7, 2014 renowned graphic artist Lance Hidy charted the progress of his explorations in traditional graphic arts media in a slide lecture and explained how that pursuit led him to become an early adopter of digital tools. The breadth of his work is on display in the Museum of Printing exhibition rooms — from artist’s books using letterpress, etching, and wood engraving, through silkscreen, photography, and finally, Photoshop.

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  • Letterpress Sale on Saturday, November 17, 2018, 10am–4pm

    Shop till you drop at our Letterpress Sale on Saturday, November 17, 2018! We’re the perfect place to find just the right holiday gift for your lover of print — or fill a special letterpress need or want for yourself! Gift Certificates also available.

    Here is a sampling of what’s coming to market. . . .

    • Golding Pearl #3 1887 standing press, 7 × 11 with new rollers
    • Complete Kingsley foil stamping machine with accessories
    • Complete set of hand bookbinding tools (sewing frame, finishing press and more, all virtually new)
    • Book (nipping) presses (2)
    • Paper drying racks, new, wall mount (2)
    • Tabletop presses (4)
    • Wooden type cabinet with California type cases
    • Metal type cabinets (3) with California type cases
    • Furniture and reglet cabinets
    • Southworth tabletop perforator
    • Letterpress tools and supplies galore: strip border material, leading space material (1, 2, 6 pt.), quoins (Challenge wedge, Wickersham, High Speed)

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