Museum donates 480 lbs of ink to schools

The Museum of Printing in Haverhill, Mass. has donated 96 5-lb cans of ink to several schools with graphic arts programs. The ink was acquired from the many letterpress shops donated to the Museum over the course of several years.


“It is amazing how many letterpress operations are still around. Often they are in basements and garages. Museum volunteers clean them out and move them to the Museum,” said Ted Leigh, Acquisitions Director. “We move all equipment, type, paper, ink, and other materials.”

Material that is redundant to the Museum’s collection is sold or donated. The Museum has a letterpress sale four times a year, and a full-time Museum Store, to sell excess equipment and supplies. The next sale is Saturday, September 16.

The Museum of Printing is a 39-year old non-profit institution devoted to the preservation of the rich history of the graphic arts.

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